Lamborghini and supercars cause excitement in construction zone

Published July 18, 2018 1,161 Plays $1.00 earned

Rumble / Full Throttle CarsWhen the North Face Rally and Ghostrider got together for a rally to Montreal and on to Boston and Washington, they expected excitement. They lined up over 100 supercars and got ready to roll out from Vaughan, Ontario, near Toronto. But something that they did not expect to see was a construction worker on Highway 401, the Transanada Highway, actually running and yelling with excitement. He heard and saw the Lamborghini Huracan coming, leading the pack of exotic cars through the reduced speed zone. The Lamborghini is impossible to miss with it's lime green paint and rally decals. It was being driven by Ghostrider, a mysterious philanthropist who keeps his identity hidden behind a mask while he is on the car scene. He is known for his high powered cars as well as the charity work that he and the North Face Rally do.

The construction worker ran towards the group of cars as they rolled through. He couldn't contain himself as he sprinted to get a better look. His excitement was caught on the dash camera as well as a camera being held by the Lamborghini passenger. Turning the camera to the rear caught the fact that the worker was still jumping and yelling enthusiastically long after the Lambo had passed through.

He seemed to want to hear more of the throaty growl of the 650hp supercar and Ghostrider gave the throttle a little nudge to let out a roar from the engine.

It's hard to know if this worker was yelling for the car to stop and take him for a ride or whether he was shouting encouragement to go faster. Either way, it caused some serious entertainment for several of the drivers in the rally.