A Tot Girl Wants Ice Cream But Doesn’t Want To Pee

Published July 18, 2018 9 Views

Rumble Kids are absolutely hilarious! They really know how to make us roll on the floor laughing, but the one in this video really takes the game to a whole different level! She is so cute and funny that you totally have to check this out! This funny video shows an adorable tot girl who is sitting on a toilet trainer in the bathroom and crying. Her mom asks if she wants ice cream, and the moment she hears the magic “ice cream” word, she stops. But when the mom tells her she needs to finish up first, the girl starts to cry again. Mom asks her again if she wants the ice cream and the girl asks her to get it, but mom won’t do it if she doesn’t pee first, so the cries again! OMG, can you believe that?! It’s the funniest of all pee pee negotiations I have ever seen! LOL!