Baby Girl’s First Workout

Published July 18, 2018 2 Plays

Rumble We can all agree that a sight of people in the middle of a workout session is not the cutest thing in the world. Well, everything is about to change when you see this video. Spoiler alert: there is a baby involved in the workout. Prepare to have your heart melted! At the beginning of the video, mom paddles her baby girl’s legs showing her how to exercise. One, two, three, four! Up and down, up and down! Then mom tells her excited baby girl to try and do it herself. You won’t believe the baby’s reaction! She actually tries to continue moving her legs and arms the way mom has just shown her! Cuteness overload! You go, little girl! Follow that workout regime! Persistence is the key to success! We should all be inspired by this baby girl’s healthy habits. Everybody go and renew that gym membership! Do it first thing in the morning, no excuses. Let’s make this baby girl proud!