Simple Pull Activity for Sensory Processing Disorders

Published July 17, 2018 16 Plays

Rumble Individuals with sensory processing disorders (SPD) often have decreased hand strength, avoid using their hands together and have poor coordination. This describes many children and adults on the autism spectrum or who have another type of disability.

This simple activity encourages using hands together because it is really difficult to perform with one hand! Many people with SPD avoid touching different types of materials but don’t mind plastic. It takes a lot of force to pull these plastic rings off the cord and pulling with force stimulates muscles and joints while strengthening muscles.

Adapt for your child or individual:
1) Use rings with larger or smaller holes in the center depending so that they are successful. You can always use rings with smaller holes later as they get stronger.
2) Some of my clients prefer to stand and pace while performing this (See in the video how I tied the cord around my waist while the client pulled the rings off). Other clients prefer sitting at a table or in a chair away from the table.
3) Pulling the rings off takes less motor planning skill and coordination than stringing them on. But some children or clients may be able to or prefer to string.
4) Ring shapes are easier to grasp and manipulate than beads and they don’t roll away. But you may certainly progress onto using large and then smaller beads.

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