Huge Horn Steer Stands Proudly

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Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsNature truly is an artist. It creates the most intricate designs and combines the most uncommon colors making us admire it each and every time. It has mastered its craft throughout the millennia, getting better and better. It seems that each new attempt is a tiny bit closer to perfection. We can’t help wondering whether perfection is truly unattainable, because looking at this footage we are inclined to think that that might not be the case.

Check out this video of a huge horn steer standing proudly next to his owner. It was filmed on May 29, 2018 in Glendale, Arizona, USA. This is what the licensor had to say about it: "This video was taken at the Rovey Dairy in Glendale, Arizona. This steer is a Watusi cross and is very tame. His name is Longstreet. He does a lot of events and even has his own Cadillac that has been modified for him to ride in. The owner loves to see people meet the animals and Longhorn is a good draw. People can't believe his horns."

We just can’t get over how magnificent he looks. It’s as if he is some sort of royalty. He looks so imposing in contrast to the herd behind him and yet he possesses a certain kind of calmness to him, just like a natural born leader.

Steers are a type of bull that has been castrated. This particular one belongs to the Watusi breed. The Ankole-Watusi breed is a mixed breed that originated in New York State. It came from the partnering of an Ankole type, a native to sub-Saharan Africa and a Canadian bull. It is characterised with a primarily red coat and a set of very long horns that are typical for the Ankole breed of Africa.

The Ankole cattle has been a native of Central Africa, but the one used to mix-breed with the Canadian bull actually came from a zoo. During the start of the 20th century, a few Ankole types were taken to zoos across Germany as specimens. From there, they bred across the zoos in Europe and later on were transported to the Americas. Nowadays the Ankole-Watusi are a very famous American cattle breed. There have even been two Guinness World Records set by this type of cattle - a bull named CT Woodie with a horn circumference of 103.5 cm (40.7 in) and a steer named Lurch, with horns measuring 95.25 cm (37.50 in)

We’re not sure where Longstreet stands, but he definitely looks impressive. He is extremely patient and kind and his owners love him. Just look at how calm he is as his owner saddles him and mounts on top. What a sweet soul.

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