Lady Flips A Canoe

Published July 17, 2018 7 Views

Rumble Would you try paddling in a canoe without any prior knowledge? I wouldn’t but this lady most certainly did! She entered a canoe and started paddling. However, after a few inches, she flipped a canoe and fell in the water! OMG! Is she okay? Yes, she is! So, it’s okay to laugh! LOL! She should have had some sort of training before trying to ride a canoe on her own! Canoes were developed over the course of thousands of years by the native peoples of North America. The word 'canoe' originates from the word 'kenu' - meaning dugout. These seagoing boats were used by the Carib Indians of the Caribbean islands, and were made of large tree trunks which were shaped and hollowed, and were strong enough to travel between the islands. Today, canoeing is a fun activity for the whole family, however, I wouldn’t recommend trying it without a previous training!