Adorable Baby Plays An Imaginary Trumpet

Published July 16, 2018 0 Plays

Rumble What a precious video! Having a sibling really is a blessing. You get to experience so many things together, and you know you'll always have someone to rely on. Together, you go through life, and somehow everything seems easier when you have each other by your side. While young, siblings tend to argue quite often, but they also play together constantly. The two brothers in this video are so precious, and they'll definitely melt your heart. The adorable baby boy is sitting in his walker, and his older brother is right next to him, playing the trumpet. The adorable little boy can't take his eyes off the trumpet and is listening very carefully to his brother's beautiful music. He sees how his brother is playing the trumpet, and then he decides to mimic him. The baby boy starts making the same mouth movements and pretends he's got his own imaginary trumpet. So hilarious!