Woman Takes Pet Boa Constrictor For Swim

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Rumble / Unreal AnimalsBoas are a group of reptiles that differ from poisonous snakes by the special way they hunt and kill their prey. They are non-venomous serpents renowned for their way of subduing their prey. They do not bite their victims, but suffocate them: they squeeze or constrict them to death (this is where their name Boa Constrictor comes from). In this respect, they are very similar to their close relatives - pythons and anacondas. Though boa constrictors do not reach the same length as their relatives, anacondas and reticulated pythons, these snakes are on the list of the longest snakes in the world. However, boas exceed their non-poisonous brethren in diversity: in nature, they number 60 species.

They are also favorite pets to a large number of snake enthusiasts. Their character and nature when observed from up-close is pretty mild, even friendly. Boas are not usually considered deliberately aggressive or malicious pets. In the serpent world they are even known as the beginner-friendly snakes. These snakes, especially young ones, are semi-arboreal. Though they are good swimmers, they prefer to be on dry land or in trees. Because of their large size, they tend to move in a straight line instead of sliding back and forth like minor snakes. Sometimes they hide in the burrows of medium-sized mammals. Now, put two and two together and take your boa constrictor out with you on a little picnic, like the young woman did with hers in the video above. Watch!

Isn’t it awesome to actually take your pet animal out in nature and let it have fun?! So cool! The woman has taken her boa constrictor pet out in nature for a little swim in the pond. Look how the boa follows its owner in the water. There are other people around who have also taken their boas out and it seems to us that this is some sort of a retreat purposefully intended for a little hang out between boa enthusiasts. how amazing is that?
Apart from terrariums at home, boa constrictors live exclusively in the Western hemisphere and this is why they are often referred to as New World snakes. The habitats of these reptiles are also diverse: they can be found in South and Central America, in Cuba, in the west and southwest of North America, in northern Africa, in South and Central Asia, on the islands of the Malay Archipelago, Madagascar, Jamaica, Haiti, Trinidad Island, and New Guinea. Some species (rubber snakes and Californian boas) live in the western states of the United States, as well as in the south-west of Canada. Sand boas, or boa constrictors, are widespread in Central and South Asia, as well as in East and North Africa, the Middle East, Asian countries (Iran, Afghanistan, Western China, India, Pakistan). Several species live on the territory of Russia (Dagestan, Central, and Eastern Transcaucasia) and CIS countries (Kazakhstan, Mongolia).

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