Six-year-old wins talent show with amazing dance performance

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Published: July 15, 2018Updated: July 18, 2018

Vincent has a dream of being a performer. His first goal is to be on YouTube. When his school was having a talent show, he announced that he was going to perform a dance. His family wanted to support him and help him, but being a very determined and confident young man, he told them that he would choreograph a dance routine without help from anyone. Vincent would be competing with children his own age, as well as children several years older.

Vincent selected his own music, figured out his own moves and put together a show that nobody would see until the moment he took the stage. He didn't even let them know what he had planned for his piece. On the day of the show, Vincent's family held their breath and waited. They knew he had moves and they knew he was about to live his dream on the stage, but they weren't expecting anything like what he was about to give them.

The spotlight turned on Vincent and the song began. In perfect time, he bounces back and forth to the intro. As the tempo slows for the start of the vocals, he delivers a hip-swaying, knee bending interpretation that makes him look like a young Bruno Mars. He draws gasps and cheers from the crowd.

Vincent begins to really get into the music as he matches his actions to the vocals. When the tempo picks up, he gives us some fancy foot work that is in unbelievable synchronization with the sound. As if in his own world, he spins, bounces, turns his hat for dramatic effect and ups his game even more. His feet fly, his arms flap and he puts all of his heart into the dance while his grandmother cheers from behind the camera.

Vincent took first prize with his amazing performance. Anyone would be proud of a routine like this, but considering his age and the fact that he did it all on his own, it's no wonder he completely stopped the show. Vincent seems to have a promising career ahead of him. At the very least, it's very possible that he will realize his dream of having a YouTube presence.
Vincent's got talent, he's got heart, and it's hard not to admire that and cheer him on.

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      cdngreenwaterdiver · 21 weeks ago

      very cool, he definitely has some good moves

    • 1 rumble
      Danno905 · 18 weeks ago

      That was fantastic. Brave little man stepping up like that! Loved the way the lights cast the 2 shadows, made it look like he was the lead in a whole dance group. Parents must have been proud! Well done