Man Loses Control Over Vehicle And Drives Into A Parked Car

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Rumble / Epic FailsThis is the unfortunate moment when a driver losing control over the car and smashes into a parked car on the street. Footage, filmed on July 2, 2018 in Erie, Pennsylvania, USA shows a driver trying to peel off with the fast car, swiftly trying to shift gears and drift on an empty street, but unfortunately loses control over the powerful vehicle and slams in a parked vehicle.

The unexpected crash caused damage in the front of the car, but fortunately the driver didn’t get hurt. Filmmaker captured driver’s inglorious landing and was in shock when things took an unexpected turn! Let’s hope that nobody got hurt in the process!

Driving can be a lot of fun. We get to go at speeds and travel to desired destinations in no time thanks to modern vehicles with powerful engines. For some people, piloting a vehicle at high speed is something that gives them the thrill! Feeling that adrenaline rush, when the heart is racing and the breath is pounding is what drives people to extremes, pushing them to cross the fine line between positive thrill and insanity.

There are even obstacle courses for those who really want to test car’s limits. The person driving the car in this video, however, may have reached their limit and beyond. A powerful red car can be seen pulling from a driveway and quickly speeding up to test the engine. Just as the driver passes several parked cars, the vehicle starts drifting and the driver is incapable to tame the powerful moving engine, it immediately loses control and drives into a parked car. Let’s hope that person is okay and that this video of reckless driving can serve as a valuable lesson for future drivers who crave to try the peel out.

Many times we have came across dramatic dash cam footages showing people’s cravings for adrenaline in its fines, making them do unspeakable things and hope to get away with it. In this clip, a group of friends pulled up at this tight hairpin turn on a road outside of New York, just before this accident happened. A car was attempting to drift around the bend, but didn’t make it, slamming into the cliff wall. Fortunately, the reckless driver wasn’t hurt and learned a valuable lesson.

However, this is not the first time wannabe show-offs end up in such predicament. Take for example this adrenaline junkie that lost control over the speeding car and smashed into parked vehicles. A dashcam video shows a car losing control and smashing into a parked car and a hospital building in Melbourne, Australia. The uploader, Grant Fisher, said the driver was a 96-year-old man who escaped with minor injuries. Fortunately, nobody else was hurt in the incident.

Dramatic dash cam footage of another crash in Taiwan shows us the danger of reckless driving. Namely, footage shows a six-wheel truck teetering on its side while veering across the road, putting all traffic participants in serious danger. A small white vehicle is sandwiched between two trucks as a result after it pops out from the gap and was shunted in the back and veered across four lanes of the motorway in front of oncoming cars before toppling over. Surprisingly, no one was seriously hurt. Shame on the reckless driver!

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