Ultimate Fight: A Kitten VS A Puppy

AFVViralsPublished: July 13, 201811 views
Published: July 13, 2018

This video is too cute for words! If you are a fan of all things adorable including kittens and puppies, you absolutely can’t miss this video! Brace yourself because your heart is about to be completely melted! We all know that cats and dogs are not exactly best friends, even though there are many exceptions to this rule. And when it comes to cats and dogs, there’s a fine line between fighting and playing. And that’s exactly what this cute video is all about! As the clip starts, you can see a kitten and a puppy playing around the house. But if you take a closer look, it’s hard to tell whether they are just playing or they are actually fighting. LOL! They are both staring at each other and trying to hit each other. Oh, how adorable is this ultimate fight between a kitten and a puppy? Too cute to handle if you ask me!

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