Cute Cat Absolutely Hates Bath Time

Published July 13, 2018 197 Views

Rumble We all know that cats don’t want to have anything to do with water. They just absolutely hate it. However, even if they have their own grooming system, every once in a while, every cat needs a real bath. And that’s exactly what this video is about. If you are a cat owner, you’ll be able to relate to the struggle of convincing a cat into having a bath. As the clip begins, you can see a woman holding a cat under a tap of a kitchen sink. By the fact that the cat is making noises that resemble crying, you can tell that she's not happy with what’s currently going on. Oh, you poor thing! I feel so sorry for her! but don’t you worry, kitty cat! Bath time will be over real soon! I just hope that her owners won't put her through this kind of experience ever again!

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