Cute Pug Gets Incredibly Excited For Bath Time

AFVVirals Published July 13, 2018 0 Plays

Rumble We all know that cats absolutely hate water. But how about dogs? Well, I don’t know about dogs in general, but the hilarious pup from this video is among those who absolutely love it! If you are a fan of dogs, you’ll enjoy this adorable video. As the clip starts, you can see a woman announcing to her Pug that it’s time for him to have a bath. And how does the pup react, you may wonder? Well, he gets so excited that he runs upstairs immediately! LOL! How adorable is that? As far as this adorable dog is concerned, bath time is the most magical time! I have to be honest, my dog never gets near as excited for bath time as this adorable Pug does. I usually have to chase him all around the house. LOL! But not this Pug, he’s the biggest fan of baths. This is totally adorable is you ask me!