Dog Sucker For Hygiene Loves Getting Her Teeth Brushed

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Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesGoofy, a one-year-old Northern Inuit Dog, loves getting her teeth brushed! Twice a day, she'll stalk the bathroom counter and wait for her turn to polish those pearly whites. She loves it so much she basically does the work for you!

Someone once said that cleanliness is next to godliness and this includes brushing your teeth. Whether it’s after you wake up, after a meal or before bed, brushing those pearly whites not only rids you of the foul smell that gathers in your mouth, but it keeps those nasty bugs from doing further damage to your teeth and gums. Everything starts in the mouth!

Who says that animals aren't keen about their hygiene? This beautiful dog is out to prove everyone wrong and she does it in style. Every night before bed she knows that the bathroom is the first place she has to visit before going to bed. And so she does. Her owner by his side of course is holding the brush for her in order to get them pearly whites clean. Adorable!

Judging by this dog’s expression, she loves getting her teeth brushed very much. Maybe it is the tingling sensation that the brushing of teeth gives to her gums, or maybe it is the intimate bonding with her owner. Nonetheless, this cute video had us in stitches in no time, and showed us that pets can stick to a habit as well. Reportedly, after every meal, this hygiene-freak dog waits for owner to brush her teeth. The spectacle is even more amazing for dog's supposed hatred of having their teeth brushed.

One might think that brushing teeth is a human thing, but more and more veterinarians advise pet owners they should brush their pet’s teeth as well. In the wild, animals gnaw on raw bones, wood or grass to rub the layered up gunk on their teeth. Domesticated animals can’t find such items, so a lot of them can be seen falling ill to rotten teeth. Still, just because some impatient pets might have difficulty holding still for owners to brush their dentures, it doesn’t mean that they won’t be thankful for the service.

Take a look at this gorgeous dog for example. Her owner teases her with a soft charcoal toothbrush, as if to play with it, but as soon as the pup bites on the brush, she wiggles it back and forth to get all of her teeth before the pooch changes her mind. The feeling of the bristles tickling her gums clearly caught this cutie by surprise, because even when the brush comes out, the dumbstruck look in her blue eyes remains.

If you would like to brush your fur baby’s teeth, make sure you get a brush and paste made especially for dogs. The brushes are far smaller and softer and the toothpaste tastes like food! By all means do not use human toothpaste, because it contains chemicals that can be harmful to your pooch.

If you thought this is weird, check out this video that is taking the teeth-brushing routine to the extreme. Apparently one talented pup cracked the code to brushing teeth on its own. Allow me to introduce you to the most talented dog in the entire world, Kamikaze. This Yorkie puppy can brush his own teeth! Yorkie dog gets its teeth brushed by the woman while laying in her lap. The dog then brushes his own teeth by biting on the brush.

Let me break this video down for you! The video starts with a woman asking the dog if he is ready to get his teeth brushed. The Yorkie rests comfortably on the woman's lap. She gets the toothbrush ready and before she can even start working on his teeth, the little guy grabs the toothbrush and does it himself.