Little Boy Doesn't Know How To Wash His Feet

Published July 12, 2018 0 Plays

Rumble Oh, what happened here? LOL! As the video starts the only thing we see is a carpet. The mother is recording the carpet, and we soon notice that it is full of dirt. There's dirt everywhere. And to make things even worse, the carpet is white. On, no! LOL! The mother then takes the camera into the bathroom and we get to see who is the one who made the mess. It is her wonderful son, who really seems worried about the mess he has made. He is standing in the bathroom and he has washed his hands. However, most of the dirt is on his feet, and that's what made that huge mess all over the carpet. But, he says that he does not know how to wash his feet, and makes the sweetest face ever. Oh, what a lovely boy. His mother is not even angry with me, because he really does seem like he's sorry for the mess.