Otter Begs For Fish Snack From Friendly Tourist

Published July 12, 2018 6,525 Views $9.15 earned

Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsHave you heard of an ancient Rumble proverb saying “give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach an otter to beg fish from tourists and you will get some pretty awesome viral videos”? Well, now you have, and the video at the top of the page is just amazing. Watch as the little cunning otter switches cuteness to the maximum and begs a tourist to feed it a tasty snack!

A friendly otter at Fisherman's Wharf in downtown Victoria, BC had it easy today: instead of diving deep into the bay waters and hunting for itself it got its’ treat from a friendly tourist. The man wanted to feed and take a video of the little cunning otter and took a piece of fish to lore the critter out of the water. It did not take long for the otter to snatch the tasty treat from a man on the dock. Awesome!

Otters are surprisingly cute and funny creatures, it is worth getting to know them better.

They live in those ponds where there is a lot of fish - their main food. They are not much into wide rivers with a rapid current and stony bottoms. They also do not commit themselves to specific ponds for more than a reasonable amount of time: once they consume larger fish and only the small ones remain, they would go in search of a new home.

Otters are wonderful swimmers and divers. They can remain underwater for about 4 minutes, and if they feel danger, they can stay longer. After such a long time in the water, the otter gets in its element: it emerges, replenishes air its reserves and plunges into the water again in search of food. They can move on land without problems: a little bit hunched perhaps, usually moving by short jumps but fast enough, wriggling like a snake.

Otters have the reputation of cute frisky animals. The most favorite entertainment for otter pups is to roll down the slope into the water. In its natural habitat, otters get to live 3-5 years, if not caught by man (for their fur) or die from a disease, or if they live in captivity, for example, zoos or at home as pets they can even live for 8-15 years.

Otters are very friendly and peaceful in nature, so they are often kept as pets. The tamed otter is very funny, affectionate and obedient little critter. It quickly gets used to their owner, enjoys playing with them, easily gives in to training and quickly becomes a universal favorite for every family member.

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