Twin Baby Boys Exchange A Pacifier From Each Other In A Bathtub

AFVViralsPublished: July 12, 2018
Published: July 12, 2018

People always say that sharing is caring, but does a pacifier exchange counts? Well, after watching this video, I say it does! Just check it out, and you’ll see how funny and cute it can be! This video shows two adorable twin baby boys who are having loads of fun taking a bath together. The two of them are sitting in their baby bathtub, having a blast splashing the water around. But, when they get tired of it, they find something even more amusing to do. They start exchanging one of their pacifiers! LOL! But the funniest thing is, they don’t make any fuss about it! Just look how cute they are! They share the same pacifier, and they love it! I bet these two boys will grow up knowing that sharing really means caring, not only a pacifier, but also love, support, and dedication to one another and their families!

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