Feisty Pup In Action

AFVVirals Published July 12, 2018 0 Plays

Rumble Dogs are the real protectors of the house. There is no way somebody can pass if the dog doesn’t allow it. That’s why we love our dogs so much. Besides being our best friends and companions, they are devoted protectors of our homes. \n\nHowever, sometimes it happens that a dog takes his protector role too seriously. Sometimes there is no place to worry (or bark for that matter). Lol! But some of them can’t help themselves. They are like the little Don Quixotes who are fighting with windmills. This is how it looks after all! Too funny to take it seriously! LOL! As the video begins, we see a cute dog barking uncontrollably at his parent. LOL! And his barking goes on and on. What a feisty little fella! LOL! Seems like his mom cannot prove him that there’s nothing to defend. Well, at least not now. However, it’s always good to know you will have a serious protector in the future! Hilarious!