Camera dropped overboard records large fish with embedded object

Published July 12, 2018 1,310 Plays $1.47 earned

Rumble / Wild WildlifeA GoPro tied to a chunk of wood was dropped overboard from a canoe in a remote lake in Northern Ontario. The camera was tied to the wood in an effort to ensure that it would float if it fell overboard while the owner was fishing. The large battery pack proved to be too heavy, however and the camera slowly sank to the bottom, bounced along and became stuck on a log and submerged tree. The camera was running and the wood tied to it provided enough buoyancy to keep the camera leveled while it recorded the action below the waves.

Although this lake is quite deep, the camera becomes snagged and does not slide along the sloping rock face beyond a depth of about 15 feet. What is recorded is the eerie green surroundings at the start of a deep drop-off. Algae and silt cling to the rock and log and provide us with a fascinating, and slightly creepy view. Large bass swim around the submerged tree and they glide past the camera several times while it runs on. One large bass makes a slow pass and looks directly at the camera, revealing a white rubber lure hooked on the right side of his mouth. He doesn't seem very affected by the attachment, but what is interesting is that it must be a lure from last year.

This is a largemouth bass and fishing season for this species had not yet opened when this video was captured. It is very unlikely that the lure became lodged in his mouth this year. It is probably from last season. If this is true, it shows that stainless steel fishing hooks do not rot or rust quickly, as many fishermen believe. The idea that the fish has enzymes that will corrode a hook is a widespread myth. It has been proven completely false. This video seems to disprove the myth. What it looks like is a rubber worm or grub lure. Luckily, it does not seem large enough to interfere with its ability to get food, and it seems that it is not likely to snag on anything and trap the fish. But the hook would certainly be irritating. It would also be problematic if lodged in the throat or if it were bigger.

This is an indication that anglers should be as careful as possible to avoid hooking fish and leaving them with a lure attached.

The video also provides a very interesting view of life beneath the surface of your local lake.