Bamboo The Skater Dog

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Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesOccurred on April 10, 2017 / Solana Beach, California, USA

Info from Licensor: "Bamboo is a six-year-old mixed-breed our family adopted as a puppy from Labradors and Friends Dog Rescue. He was one of a litter of nine born to a stray in the San Bernardino desert. When Bamboo was a very energetic 6 months old I started riding a skateboard on our morning walks to check the surf, so Bamboo could get a little more energy out running alongside me. One morning, the topic of skateboarding dogs came up at the park, and I decided to let Bamboo try my skateboard and he liked it. After that, I started letting Bamboo skate a little at the park every day and just encourage him when he did anything cool. After a few of this, Bamboo had mastered the basics of pushing turning the skateboard. One weekend after a long play session at the beach Bamboo made it clear he understood the power of the wheel. While I was distracted Bamboo jumped on my board and started cruising down the long flat path towards home. When I caught up to Bamboo, it was obvious he would prefer to ride my skateboard home while I ran alongside him. When we got home I ordered Bamboo his own Carver skateboard. With his own board, Bamboo started following me on his board on our morning “walks” and his enthusiasm for skateboarding continued to grow. Bamboos skating ability exceeded my wildest expectations after we started to play a game at the local beach parking lot where Bamboo would try and catch me on his board while I would try to outmaneuver him on my skateboard. After a few weeks of playing this game, Bamboo could skate faster and turn better than I could."