Dog Trapped In Hole For 3 Days Cries Tears Of Joy When Rescuers Finally Free Him

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Published: July 11, 2018Updated: July 12, 2018

This is the heartwarming moment two women rescue a dog that has fallen into a hole. Footage shows the intense situation when rescuers arrive at the scene and pluck the muddied mutt to safety. A woman is seen climbing down the stairs and inside to hole in order to help the unfortunate pooch and take it to safety. Upon the rescue, the dog seemed dazed and confused into the sunlight, but soon settled down and gratefully wagged its tail as a thank you for its rescuers.

Footage, filmed on July 8, 2018 in Lam Dong, Vietnam shows the unfortunate pooch crying from the bottom of the hole, asking rescuers to lend a helping hand. Reportedly, the unfortunate pooch was trapped in the hole for three days. In the video, the pooch can be seen looking up at the camera from inside the hole, begging to be lifted up and put to safety. We swear we noticed dog’s tears as it cried in relief at finally being rescued. What a relief!

This is the heartbreaking moment two women rescue a dog from a hole that had its legs stuck around several pieces of wood. The unfortunate pooch must have accidentally fallen through the wood and inside the hole that might have served as a trap for wild animals. Fortunately, Good Samaritans heard its cry for help and immediately used a ladder to rescue the pooch. The saddening footage shows the pooch barking at its predicament, crying for help at two kind women help the pooch to get out of the unfortunate situation. It is still unclear whether the dog once had an owner, only that it had fallen down the hole, and would have died if these ladies weren’t there to came to the rescue.

Animal lovers prepare a box of tissues ready as this is on emotional story. Do not worry as this clip will have you jumping for joy by the end of it! After being trapped in a hole this brave dog is finally rescued and this unbelievably beautiful story documented on camera for us to enjoy. Luckily, this dog now has a chance at a new and happy life. What a heartwarming and memorable story this is!

Good thing that these compassionate ladies rescued this dog or else the unthinkable could have happened. When having a pet, you have to be prepare to take care of it and treat it with the utmost respect. Treat them as if they were your family because they really are a valuable member of your family. No animal deserves to be left at such predicament to die alone. The people who risked their life to save him are amazing people and should be praised. Heroes really do exist in this world. Faith in humanity restored!

In another video, a dog got itself into serious trouble when it fell through a muddy hole. Dubbed in the past after rescuing spaniel Jazz from a muddy hole as the “Invermark Heroes” the Avengers Assemble were once again on a mission to save this unfortunate pooch! This is the heartwarming moment when rescuers found lucky patterdale terrier Charlie alive and well after falling into a 12.5ft hole of solid rock. The rescuers had to dug for over 72 hours over the course of 3 days in order to get to the lost pup!

Patterdale terrier by the name of Charlie was dramatically pulled to safety after seven gamekeepers engaged in a 74-hour rescue mission to save the unfortunate pooch. These brave men first used hand tools and then industrial rock diggers to free the dog from under the pile of rocks.

It is amazing how this lucky pooch managed to survive spending three days trapped under the heavy rocks. Naturally, shocked and confused, the little rascal was treated to a steak pie dinner following the rescue operation. Fortunately, Charlie is now safe and sound, enjoying the comforts of home after indulging on a whole steak pie.

Fortunately, kind workers at the RK Services Ltd in Montrose loaned them the life-saving rock breaker and they were able to set Charlie free. Footage shows as they dig their way down the hole, making it through the final pieces of rock only to find Charlie alive and well under the rubble. Now, Charlie is adjusting to life again after being reunited with his grateful owner, enjoying the coziness of his home!

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