Adorable Little Boy Confused About Who's Birthday It Is

AFVViralsPublished: July 11, 2018
Published: July 11, 2018

Celebrating my birthday and the birthdays of those who are close to me is definitely my favorite thing in the world. There's always so many people, laughter, cake, and music, and I always have a blast. The video we have today is about a hilarious birthday party and I could not be happier we get to relive this entire experience. LOL! To whoever recorded the entire situation, thank you! So, at the beginning of the video, we see a little boy lighting the candles with his father and grandpa. And now, it is time for the birthday song. Everyone starts singing, and we discover that it is actually the grandpa's birthday! Oh, grandpa, happy birthday! But, the little boy got so confused and started crying because he thought it was his birthday. LOL! However, he stopped crying when the grandpa invited him to blow out the candles together. So hilarious!

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