Little Girl Gets Dizzy After Spinning On A Playground

AFVViralsPublished: July 11, 2018
Published: July 11, 2018

Playgrounds sure are fun, but as with everything, if you overdo it, it can have some hilarious consequences. Take this video for example. The adorable little girl was on the playground, and from a variety of playground equipment, she chose the one which spins. I'm not gonna deny that it is fun, but somehow I always hit the floor after it. LOL! I get so dizzy, and can't stand on my feet. LOL! It is always so hilarious. And I know that I'm not the only one who gets dizzy on the spinning playground equipment. The girl in this video is the same! She was spinning and then decided to get up. As she got up, she faceplanted the ground. LOL! She then tried to walk and the entire time she kept repeating "That's what happens". LOL! What a hilarious little girl! Even she can't stop laughing, so feel free to join in.

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