Dizzy Tot Goes For A Spin

AFVViralsPublished: July 11, 2018
Published: July 11, 2018

There is probably nothing more entertaining for the little kids than playing on a playground that has all the different playground toys like the sandbox, jump ropes, monkey bars and slides, seesaw, swings, carousels and all other stuff that spin and turn! The only problem is, they rarely know when to stop, and even when they do, it’s usually too late. So, it’s no wonder they get all dizzy and even exhausted! LOL! Just like a tot boy in this video who plays on a sit and spin. He is there on that playground with his mom, and at some point, he says “stop,” and she stops the spinning and helps him to get off. But as soon as she lets go of him, he falls down dizzy! And he actually loves it! He laughs all the time, and I bet it won’t take long before he gets back on that sit and spin for another round!

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