Cute Little Girl Gives Herself A Really Bad Haircut

AFVVirals Published July 11, 2018 91 Plays

Rumble Do you like going to the hairdresser or do you prefer cutting your own hair? When you know how to do it yourself, it doesn't really make sense spending money on hairdresser appointments, doesn’t it? That’s exactly what the little girl from this hilarious video had in mind when she made a bold decision to give herself a new haircut. This video shows the mom’s reaction, and it’s too funny to handle! You have to check it out! As the clip starts, the woman is presented with the aftermath of her daughter cutting her own hair. The little girl did a terrible job and now she’s stuck with really short hair. When mom asks her why did she do that, she answers that her hair was itching her back. LOL! She cut it all off hoping that I would stop bothering her! How funny is this excuse? So hilarious!