Girl Has A Hilarious Reaction To Her Dog’s Selfishness

AFVVirals Published July 11, 2018 45 Plays

Rumble Kids and dogs are best friends, right? Not according to this video! This little girl and her doggo buddy fight about a toy. The dog is holding it in his jaw, and the girl tries to take it away. However, the dog won’t allow that. He is holding a toy firmly and just won’t let go. The girl is struggling to take it, but in the end, she realizes she won’t be able to steal the toy. So, she turns to her mom and says: “Can’t we just kill him?” OMG! This is the most hilarious reaction ever! This kid is straight out of the horror movie. Well, in her defense, she has found a solution to her problem. She wants a toy, the dog has a toy, let’s kill a dog. This kid is definitely going places! Although, I would keep her away from my dogs. And cats. And pets. Just in case! LOL!