Dog Jumps Into The Ocean To Catch A Fish

AFVPublished: July 10, 2018
Published: July 10, 2018

If you have a dog and love fishing, this video will show you why you should never take your dog on a fishing trip. This family is enjoying a boat ride. A mom is struggling to catch a fish. She already has a fish on the rod and all she has to do is pull it up. If you have ever tried fishing, you would know that is the most difficult task. One has to have both straight and skills. While the lady is struggling, the doggo, who was watching the whole thing from the boat, decides he should help out. He jumps in the water and tries to catch the confused fish with his teeth. LOL! Of course, he can’t do it, so he just continues to chase it. Hilarious! The whole family is laughing at this hilarious fisherman doggo! Maybe they should have given him a fishing rod next time. LOL!

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