Napolitano — The DC Swamp Around President Trump Wanted Kavanaugh

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Published: July 10, 2018

Kavanaugh became a major media subject of intrigue last night after Trump confirmed that he’s nominating the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals judge to replace Anthony Kennedy once he retires. Fox & Friends poured through the Kavanaugh intrigue on Tuesday morning, but when they asked Napolitano for his take, the senior judicial analyst said he was dismayed with Trump over his “swamp pick.”

“I am disappointed in the president because this is not the type of person that he said he would pick,” Napolitano said. “This person is at the heart and soul of the DC establishment.”

Napolitano went on to scrutinize various aspects of Kavanaugh’s record, though he also admitted that the judge will more than likely be confirmed by the Senate. He predicted that Kavanaugh might face some opposition from the right, but “I do think ultimately they are not going to embarrass the president.”

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