Small Monkey Tries To Wake Cat

AFVVirals Published July 10, 2018 0 Plays

Rumble Is there anything more adorable than seeing two animals playing together? Especially when they are a couple of unlikely friends who share the same living space and, in this case, obviously the same human friends. This video is amazing that you really have to see it! The star of this clip is the most adorable baby monkey ever who is still wearing his diaper. He wants to have some fun with his best furry friend, a beautiful gray and white cat. Both of them are in a living room on a couch, but the cat is asleep. This funny little monkey fellow tries to wake her up, but no matter what he does, the cat refuses to move and continues to sleep peacefully. He runs around her and pats her back, but nothing helps! LOL! I just can’t help but wonder who will give up fist, the monkey or the cat?