Confused Kid Can’t Find A Phone

AFVVirals Published July 10, 2018 61 Plays

Rumble Kids, and especially toddlers can be so easy to confuse. Just check out this video! This hilarious little girl hears the phone ringing, but she can’t find where it is. So she just starts spinning around. This is super fun for her, so she starts laughing. Oh, silly toddlers… They find everything funny, even the spinning! But why spinning makes us dizzy? It all has to do with our inner ear! The inner parts of our ears, the ones in our head, give us a sense of balance. These inside ear parts have hollow spaces filled with liquid. The walls of these hollow spaces are lined with tiny hair cells. When we move around, this liquid sloshes around and bends the tiny hair cells. The bending hair cells are connected to nerve cells that send messages to your brain – giving you your sense of balance. Yes, a human body is a super complicated machine. When we spin around rapidly, that liquid in the inner ear spins with us. When we stop spinning the liquid keeps moving for a bit, confusing the brain into thinking that we're still moving. This confusion is what makes us feel dizzy.