Two Little Boys Refuse To Sing Happy Birthday To Granny

Published July 10, 2018 0 Plays

Rumble This video is equally as adorable as it is hilarious! It’ll cheer you up for sure, and you have to take a moment to watch it! It tells a story about three little boys who were supposed to sing the Happy Birthday song to their granny but ended up kind of failing at it. Here’s the whole story. As the clip starts, you can see that two of three little boys are sitting in their highchairs, while the third boy, probably the oldest of the three is standing between them. It’s their granny’s birthday and they have decided to congratulate her by singing her the Happy Birthday song. However, the only problem is the fact that only one of the three boys is singing. LOL! How hilarious is that? No matter how hard he tries, the little boy can’t convince his brothers to sing along even though they all know that they are supposed to be singing. LOL! So funny!