Mesmerizing Close-Up Compilation Of Various Insects In Ecuador

Published July 10, 2018 469 Plays

Rumble / CompilationsNature is absolutely amazing. There are so many unique and interesting creatures that you could almost never get bored of learning about them all. Some of the most unique creatures in the wild are insects. There are trillions of insects in the world so find unique ones are not that very hard. Dive head first into the weird world of insects with these awesome up-close clips. Enjoy!

From ants tending treehoppers for honeydew in Ecuador to long-haired caterpillar in the Amazon rainforest. Take for example this bizarre shag-carpet caterpillar from the Ecuadorian rainforest. This pretty shag-carpet caterpillar was filmed near Rio Pastaza in the upper Amazon rainforest of Ecuador. Its bright colors (aposematic coloration) warn potential predators that it is unpalatable or even toxic or has venomous spines.

The close-up shot makes these insects seem more spectacular in shape and color as they truly are, however, these curious insects are some special skills too. There is one caterpillar that starts mimicking a snake head with black eyes when it’s threatened! It will also strike like a snake to deter predators! It really does look like a snake! If you are walking through this insects habitat and saw it doing this, there is no mistake that you would think that it is a snake at first! Evolution sure is amazing!

Check out this colorful caterpillar that uses its fake eyes to deter predators. How cool is that! Didn’t you wish you had such powers to transform?! Simply incredible! And what about this pair of colorful rainforest bugs that enjoy breakfast together, munching from the same pile!

Bugs may be nasty, but how can someone call a butterfly “nasty”? They are these delicate, frail creatures that are ever so graceful, making the world a better place with their iridescent existence. In this situation we have this little bug that is just relaxing on a top of a leaf. Now, we can all agree he looks kind of creepy and somewhat scary and a bit disgusting. But if for a moment we take a closer look we see that there is beauty in everything. This little insect has everything, starting from eyes, to a little mouth and even some scary grapples on top of his head that probably help him hunt.

This treehopper from the Amazon rainforest of Ecuador is an insect related to cicadas and leafhoppers. Most treehoppers have a highly modified pronotum on the back, in this case forming several hollow spines, which make it unpalatable for potential predators and thereby give it an advantage in the struggle for survival. Treehoppers feed on plant sap which is rich in sugar and this close footage of is simply incredible, showing these little critters in their true colors! However, would you dare to get this close to such a creepy insect!

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