Baby Girl Doesn’t like The Smell Of Dad’s Foot

AFVVirals Published July 10, 2018 0 Plays

Rumble Babies are such hilarious little beings! And the little girl from this video is not an exception! If you were looking for funny videos involving cute babies, this one is a sure winner for you! As the clip begins, you are presented with a scene of an adorable baby girl sitting in her high chair in the living room. Judging by the cute smile on her face, you can tell that she’s having such a good time! Her mom is talking to her and the sound of mom’s voice is giving her all the giggles. But that’s about to change. All of a sudden, the baby girl’s dad gets into the picture by putting her foot on the baby’s high chair tray. He even asks if she wants to smell his foot. LOL! You won’t believe the baby girl’s reaction! As soon as she sees her dad’s foot on the tray, she makes a surprised and upset face. LOL! Poor baby! Totally hilarious!