A Dog Makes Funny Faces When His Lady Owner Rubs His Ears

Published July 10, 2018 7 Views

Rumble Most dogs I know love to be petted, especially on the chest, the shoulders and the base of the neck. You can never go wrong with those places if you want your dog to enjoy his or her portion of petting really and massaging. But there are some that are totally crazy about having their ears rubbed. Just like the one in this video. He is so cute and funny that you really have to check this video out! It shows an adorable pup who loves when his lady owner pets him, just like many other dogs. But when she goes for his ears and starts rubbing them, he turns into one of the funniest dogs I have ever seen! OMG, just look at that face! Isn’t he just amazing?! If you are a dog person just like I am, you absolutely have to see this video! I’m sure you’re going to love it too! LOL!