A Kid And A Dog Try To Catch A Laser Beam

AFVViralsPublished: July 10, 2018
Published: July 10, 2018

If you wonder what happens when your kid gets tired of all toys, here’s your answer. This kid has a bunch of toys but he apparently doesn’t find them amusing anymore. To make things interesting, his mom decides to try and catch his attention with a laser beam. You probably know that a laser beam is a favorite cats’ toy. Kitties just can’t resist it! When they see a laser beam, they just have to try and catch it! And this kid is no different. He is crawling on the carpet, trying to catch a little red spot. Just as if he was a little kitty. LOL! But that’s not the end. A pup which was wandering around saw that something unusual is happening. And it decides to join his little owner in the attempt to catch a laser beam. Well, they certainly won’t catch it, but they are all happy. A boy and a puppy enjoy their game, while a mom can have a few moments of peace and quiet.

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