Cute Kid Won’t Admit He Drew On The Door

AFVViralsPublished: July 10, 2018
Published: July 10, 2018

You know how silly toddlers are? If you don’t entertain them, they’ll find something to do on their own. Usually, that something is forbidden. This kid drew on the door. I bet he has dozens of notebooks he can doodle, but he chose the bathroom door to express his inner artist. But when mom asks him if he was the one who made the mess on the door, he won’t answer. He just says “bye” and leaves a room. LOL! He knows he is guilty but tries to avoid the confession and possible punishment. Well, it’s true that art is super beneficial for kids’ development and that drawing on the surface such as paper, or in this case, a door is better for the brain than doodling on a tablet or a computer. However, this young artist should really stick to paper. Who knows, maybe he grows up to be a real painter. If he makes it, people will pay him to draw on their door! LOL!

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