Siblings encourage fallen baby elephant to stand up

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Published: July 10, 2018

These are the elephants from the Chester Zoo in Cheshire, England. The two month old newborn baby Anjan has fallen to the ground and can’t seem to get up again. At first just the two siblings surround him and try to help him get up. Than the third one joins in. Now all the calves in the herd surround him. Nandita, the oldest calf, seems to try and move him gently with her foot. Or maybe she is just trying to tell him to get up. The poor little baby appears to struggle in the sand and with all those big feet you would think he was getting trampled on! When you see one of them just narrowly missing the baby’s trunk, it does make you cringe, but in fact they are very gentle. It is more like a nudge to get him back up. In the end Nandita gives him some pushes with her trunk and the baby finally manages to get back on his feet. Just pausing in the sitting position for a few seconds, seemingly contemplating what just happened and then the final push and Anjan is on his feed again and walking off like nothing has happened. A very happy ending!

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