A Cute Girl With Confetti On Her Head

AFVViralsPublished: July 9, 2018
Published: July 9, 2018

Grownups are supposed to be serious, right? They are responsible and all grown up by definition, and they just cannot make pranks? Well, you guessed wrong, or this uncle didn’t get the memo on how to behave when you’re an uncle! Just wait and see.\n\nAs the video begins we see a cute girl spinning in the yard. We hear a woman's voice telling her uncle wants to take a picture with her. But he had different intentions. LOL! He came closer and at the moment they were about to take the picture he broke an egg full of confetti at her. LOL! Who would expect that? LOL! I sure didn’t! The next time will be a different story! Maybe she would think something she could prank her uncle with? Who knows! This video is really amazing and priceless! Really!

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