England World Cup Football Fans Interrupt Beatboxer In Birmingham

Published July 9, 2018 0 Plays

Rumble As England is celebrating the World cup 2018 quarter final win over Sweden. This group of fans are celebrating their own way by joining a beatboxer that is performing in the City Centre of Birmingham, West Midlands England. This talented beatboxer is doing his thing when the fans approach him singing football is coming home, is coming home …. . The fans are dancing, jumping up and down with the beat of the beatboxer. The seemingly drunken football supporters jump around that much that the money collection goes flying and all the money rolls onto the pavement. The street entertainer is quite disappointed and shouts you’re kicking my money man! The lads are scrambling to put all the money back into the box. One of the football supporters grabs the microphone of the beatboxer and starts singing loudly. The beatboxer is still smiling and letting the fans get on with borrowing his mic. They are all starting to sing loudly again and start jumping, while the beatboxer does his round to collect money from the crowd. It looked like the crowd was giving generously, assuming because they felt sorry for the beatboxer that his act was cut short by the revellers and that he was such a good sport and letting them borrow his gear. More and more football fans are joining the group as they all jump around and chant.