Man Finds Way To Open His Trunk Without Sensor Working Properly

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Published: July 9, 2018

Nothing is worse than having a trunk that does not work correctly - whether it doesn’t close, or must be tapped, or the latch button used repeatedly just to get the trunk to open. Trunk latches are made up of mechanical components and and electronics. All of these can wear over time, leaving your vehicle with a latch that functions poorly - or in some cases, not at all. Unavoidably, it will happen to a few people and this man in the video is one of them. Coming back from the shops, full on with many bags, he goes to his car hoping that he will get free of the bags in no time. However, once he gets to the car and tries to open the trunk, which is on sensor, he realizes that the sensor doesn’t work properly so he needs to think of some other solution to open it.

When faced with a pressing problem and a problem that can’t be postponed and has to be tackled quickly and effectively, people will go beyond the unexpected and do the unimaginable. Tough situations leave us no choice but to handle the problem as soon as possible. This is what the man in the video says: "Whenever I go to visit my sister in Gaspésie in Quebec, I try to shoot a little video to entertain my Facebook friends. from one time to another the expectations are more and more great and this time they will be difficult to fill". After all, it seems that the whole situation is not as bad as it looks, he just needs to find the spot under the car from where he can open his trunk.

Having made a few attempts to normally open the car and having failed in the process, the man leaves the bags on the ground and squeezes himself under the car as deep as he needs in order to find the place where he can make the sensor to start functioning again. He eventually succeeded as we can see the trunk of the car wide open. The man then rushes to put the bags in the trunk out of fear it will close automatically. He opted for a very resourceful tactic that helped him into tackling the problem. Anyway, it was not such a big deal, since he could have put all those bags at the back seats of the car. However, this is his way of entertaining his Facebook friends.

Another interesting video has emerged of a salesman who got his head stuck in a car door. It wasn’t a part of the car that got stuck but his head. While he was showing safety feature to customers, the door slowly closes onto the man’s neck without stopping when expected. As soon as the man realizes that the sensor is not detecting his head as it is, he started to panic and fight for his life. He immediately started pulling the door away, preventing it to close.

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