Car muscles his way through blocked intersection

Dashcam Published July 6, 2018 181 Plays $0.38 earned

Rumble These local auto mechanics decide to take a joy ride in my car. You would think they would be more careful after witnessing this. I wonder whose insurance would pay had they been in an accident. This incident took place while the car was in the shop for repairs. I figured it would be easier to drop the car off the night before and leave it all day. I had set up a ride to work so I wasn't worried about anything. Or perhaps I should have been worried. Why did I decide to review the dashcam video?
Well, when I picked up the vehicle, I noticed that the passenger seat was reclined and pushed all the way back. Kind of odd since no one in the family is more than 5' 8". The seat seemed to be set for a 6 foot 5 inch body builder. Which seemed to be about the mass of one of the body builder mechanics. Guy probably doesn't need a jack to change a tire. I also noticed that the car had a strong odor of ammonia. I do not know why nor had the opportunity to ask. We also don't see in the video that in the back seat was about 20 or so dried up pickles that seemed to be wedged into the seat cushion. Perhaps that was there the whole time or maybe it was the kids dropping their pickles all this time. No more extra pickles.
So as you can see in the video, there seemed to be a good amount of standstill traffic. As the car gets up to the light, it cycles a couple times while the cross traffic barely moved. The driver must have been impatient because we can see him proceed around the hesitant car in front. It appears that he wants to go straight but then suddenly makes a left and goes around the gridlocked cars and sort of muscles his way back into the road.