4 years ago

Skilled Chimp Carries A Dozen Of Oranges At Once With Ease

Since the beginning of time, creatures of this planet have been faced with challenges and strife. Kill or be killed. Eat or be eaten. Survival of the fittest and so on. But one constant has also always rung true and has separated those that simply live and those which thrive. Indomitable will and persistence to achieve what you desire has always been the roots of the strongest trees and the fodder of the most successful.

When this Chimpanzee, living in a refuge in South Africa was given an opportunity for glory, he seized the moment. No, one orange per hand would not do. Not today. Instead, he filled his arms full of the sweet citric sustenance to bursting. But lo, not even this was enough to quell the chimps hungry. He looked to himself to find strength, and also noticed his feet. Those feet which were used to grasp another orange and then another. But it was still not enough. In one final display of ultimate superiority, the Chimp placed a single orange in his toothed maw to show once and for all that he alone was the true king of his domain and lord of all things fruit!

This video captures a truly intriguing event. Showing the sometimes comical behavior of man's closest biological relative. If we had to guess how many oranges we could carry with nothing but our bodies, we would be inclined to estimate 6-8 would be possible without constantly dropping them to the floor. However, this creature shows intuition and a willingness to succeed that exceeds our own. We would not have thought to place one in our mouth nor would we have dreamt of using our feet!

This display also brings a smile to anyone who watches it as we have all been there to some degree. Whether it be trying to carry all the bags of groceries in a single go or seeing how many empty aluminum cans you can carry at once to the trash bin without them falling to the floor in a clattering cacophony that rivals the eruption of Krakatoa. What's more is that this chimp is totally owning it and winning. Not a single orange falls as he moves deliberately through his enclosure to where ever he plans to indulge in the tasty treats.

We oftentimes forget how close we are to our Simian counterparts and displays like this one bring that to light. Chimps, like us, wish to live peacefully and enjoy a luxury when it can be afforded. This act is also very human, especially when you understand that chimps typically have the capacity of a 2-4 year old human. We can certainly image our children doing this while trying to clean up all of their toys at once, only to make an even larger mess than before when they trip over the blocks they don’t care to notice.

In the end, this chimp wanted something and he went out and got it. In fact, he got a dozen of them and if that can't bring at least a smirk to your face then you should look at the fruit in your hand. It's probably a sour lemon.

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