Precious Baby Scared Of A Balloon

AFVViralsPublished: July 5, 2018
Published: July 5, 2018

Drop everything you're doing because you absolutely have to check out this video! It's so hilarious, and it will definitely make your day! I couldn't be happier we have this video, because a sight like this should definitely be recorded. A beautiful baby girl is on a road trip with her mother. The mother is driving, and the baby is safely sitting in the back in her cat seat. However, there's something bothering the precious little girl. She has a balloon tied around her arm, and for some reason, she does not want it near her anymore. So, the baby girl starts calling for her mother and saying how the balloon is scaring her. Then, she hits it, hoping it would go away but it comes right back. LOL! And the way she looks at the balloon is hilarious! It's like she's angry with it. LOL! What did the balloon do?

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