Young Boy Gives Himself A Haircut

Published July 5, 2018 100 Views

Rumble I take my hair very seriously, and I always try to keep it healthy and nice looking. When I have a bad hair day, I try to avoid getting out of the house, but always unsuccessfully. LOL! I know, it's not that serious, but still, hair should be nice and healthy. However, it doesn't seem that everyone agrees with me. The boy in this video has decided to give himself a very funny looking haircut, and practice his skills a little bit. The mother finds her young boy as he shaves his head with an electric razor and he tells her he's combing his hair. She explains that it looks like he's shaving it and won't be able to comb it for a while. On, no! However, he does not look very stressed because of it. He's actually very happy, and he's laughing out loud. Seems like he's proud of his new haircut! LOL!