Monkey Mom Defends Newborn From Overly-Energetic Brother

5 years ago

Working in a zoo can be quite dangerous at times, but it pales in comparison to the times it’s made you feel elated to even know these amazing creatures. Being a zoo caretaker lets you get to know these beautiful souls a little bit better and create a tight bond, even become friends. Aside from making sure they remain healthy and adapt to the life in captivity, you get to learn all about their quirks and realize that they might be animals, but they each have their own character, and it’s absolutely amazing. The employees at the Twycross Zoo in England decided to show the rest of the world the most incredible footage of a mother and children interaction between Diana monkeys.

De'Arly the Diana monkey gave birth to Khari, being the first Diana monkey to be born at the Twycross Zoo in England since 1987. Just recently, De'Arly gave birth to another baby (not named yet), another great achievement from the Twycross Zoo and their breeding program for this rare type of monkey. Check out mom's humorous frustrations as she does her best to keep high-energy Khari away from his newborn sibling!

Diana monkeys are a species of monkeys most commonly found in West Africa, especially in Cote D’Ivoire, Ghana and Sierra Leone. They are a no bigger than 20 inches without the tail which can reach up to 30 inches. They have a lifespan of about 20 years and mainly live in primary forests. Their fur consists of black or grey coloring on their backs with white fur on their belly and underside. The prominent brow bone is the inspiration behind their name. It is very similar to the one the goddess Diana had in Roman mythology.

These monkeys are known to be quite loud in the wilderness, roaming around the forest and talking to each other. It almost looks like a normal human environment with overprotective mothers and quite rambunctious young. The mothers hover over their children until they are done with nursing. Afterwards only the female are left to live close to their moms while the male Diana monkeys leave the group and roam the forest, trying to create a group of their own. A Diana monkey group usually consists of one male monkey with his females around him and their children.

Although as of lately zoos get a bad reputation for keeping animals away from their natural habitat and keeping them under locks, their main goal is to educate people on the billions of different species living in the most remote places on Earth, threatened by extinction by global warming or by the human hand, and luckily, every once in a while, they teach us that we may come in different forms, but we are all alike.

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