Confused Shiba Inu Dog Tries His Best To Catch The Wind

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Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesDogs are adorable no matter what they do, but in some cases they can be even bigger goofballs! Take this sweet dog for example. This dog has set himself to accomplish the impossible task of trying to catch the most elusive element, wind! Let's just say that it results in some seriously goofy faces!

Watch as the adorable Shiba tries his best to make a "meal" out of the wind. Chin Chin just can't figure it out! It is so confusing, he can feel the wind blowing into his face, but every time he opens his mouth to try and grab it, the air somehow slips away! How strange!

Some dogs are very particular about their food and often not so much in the mood to chew what their owners put in front of them. But, there are also others who are the exact opposite and ready not only to chew on the old shoe but even to eat the air, literally! You don't believe us? Just watch this video, as it shows a confused pooch trying to catch the wind with its teeth. The determined dog fails over a dozen times but never surrenders. He continues with his mission impossible to catch the wind! Hilarious!

Who would want to play the eternal game of spray an air duster into the mouth of your air-eating dogs? It sure sounds like a lot of fun to me, but the dog from this entertaining clip doesn’t seem to mind the failed attempts at all. `judging by the determined nature of this dog, it seems like the pooch is actually having lots of fun trying to catch the blowing wind. It seems like he can go on like this all day, but so does the wind which won’t stop blowing, messing with this dog’s hair. We cannot help but laughing each time this confused dog starts biting the air. Cuteness overload!

This dog has hit the gold mine for having lots of fun while trying to catch the wind! Watch as he chases the wind, highly determined to catch it with its teeth. Watch this dog having the time of his life, chasing after the blowing wind, has definitely brightened our day! Check it out as this fun-loving pooch tries to crack the code to eating wind. Hilarious!

Usually, a dog is pretty happy to just have a broad yard to run and zoom around, but this confused pooch has discovered a great game to play out in the wind, by trying to catch some air with his teeth. Cuteness overload!

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