Happy Birthday Video With A Hilarious Twist

AFVVirals Published July 4, 2018 2,385 Plays

Rumble There are so many cool and exciting ways to express your best wishes to someone on their birthday. Instead of just send a text or a card, you can always make a video and tell the birthday girl or the birthday boy all about your best wishes that way! And that’s exactly what the three kids from this video did! If you are up for a good laugh, you’ll be a fan of this video. As the clip starts, you can see three kids sitting in the back seat of a car. You can tell that they are all really excited. And what are they excited for, you may wonder? Well, they are about to film a happy birthday video for someone near and dear to their hearts. How cute is that? First off, it’s the little boy. He babbles all of his best wishes, and so does the little girl, his sister. But hilarity ensues when the youngest sibling’s turn comes. Instead of saying anything, the toddler boy sticks his finger in his nose. LOL! So hilarious!