Toddler Boy Learns All About Domino Effect

AFVViralsPublished: July 4, 2018
Published: July 4, 2018

Have you ever played a game of dominoes? If you haven’t, you should definitely ask your grandpa all about this awesome board game and give it a go. It’s a classic! Apart from using a set of dominoes to play a board game, you can also line up as many pieces of dominoes as you can and watch them knock over each other. That’s called the domino effect and the little boy from this video has learned all about it. As the clip starts, you can see this little boy sitting on a bench and setting up a line of dominoes. Even though his mom tells him not to do it just yet, the boy pushes a piece of dominoes and they end up knocking each other over, one by one. You absolutely have to see the toddler boy’s surprised face as the whole line of dominoes falls down! Too cute to handle!

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