Bulldog Puppy Stealing A Toy From A Baby

Published July 4, 2018 0 Plays

Rumble Puppies and babies have much in common. They love to play and they love toys! But if there is one baby, one puppy, and only one toy, the problems may occur. Just like in this funny video. The baby is playing with its toy, however, the cutest Bulldog puppy can’t wait to get its paws on it. Let the games begin. The boy is holding the toy and the puppy approaches and tries to take it away. They are both pulling the poor toy, however, there can be only one winner! And it’s the puppy! Of course, the baby is not amused at all! The little fella started screaming in despair. After all, it was his toy. Awww… Poor little boy. A note to the parents - buy your kid and dog two toys and you’ll have your peace of mind! Until then, these two will have to learn to share. I am sure it won’t be easy for them, but hey, sharing is caring, right?