Dog steals ripe raspberries off owner's bush!

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Published: July 3, 2018Updated: July 10, 2018

Lemon is a rescue whippet mix with a whole lot of personality!

When she was only a few months old Lemon was found abandoned with a broken leg. Due to the severity of the injury the course of treatment was for her leg to be amputated. When her owners fell in love with her they knew they were adopting a dog different from anyone they had ever had before - however they find her different due to her spunky personality rather than her disability!

Anytime now Lemon’s owner had been waiting to eat the first of the ripe raspberries off of their bushes. Everyday while watering they would check to see if there were any that were ready to be picked. They were finding that the next day the ones that were almost ready were gone!

Soon to realize Lemon had learnt to help herself to the bush. Her parents were amazed on how she could gently pick them off without leaving a trace! She also knew exactly which ones were ready! Leaving the pink ones until the next day!

Since Lemon’s secret has been found she will now have to share with her owners - if they can only get their first!

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